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Here are Ways on How to Get to Havasu Falls in Grand Canyon National Park

The long and tiring trek to Havasu Falls is certainly worth your time, money, and effort. If you want to be in tuned with Mother Nature and experience the hidden beauty of the Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls should be part of your itinerary.

But before you go and take your friends and family to Havasupai, make sure to do your homework. Preparedness is key if you want to have a fantastic time hiking to Havasu falls and camping there for a few nights. Don’t expect first-class hotel accommodations or concierge service (though there may be hotels near grand canyon). As the Havasu Falls is located in a remote portion of the South Rim, the lodge and campgrounds within the area will only feature bare necessities. So make sure to come prepared for the hike, and be equipped with the right outdoor equipment and gear to make your stay memorable.

There are many ways on how you can reach the Havasu Falls. Apart from the usual ten-mile trek to this glorious beauty, you have other transportation options:

  • All campers and hikers will need to pay 34USD plus tax in order to gain access to Havasupai Indian Reservation. You may go online and pay this fee in advance.
  • The campground is located at least ten miles from the falls itself. The campground also offers one of the shortest and fastest trails to the falls. If you decide to setup a tent, you will need to pay 17US per night/person. Reserving a slot in the campground may also be done in advance.
  • If you have the budget to rent a room, the lodge in Supai, Arizona can be rented at 145 for 4 people. As they can get full fast, the lodge recommends to reserve in advance to avoid any accommodations problem when you arrive.
  • There are chartered helicopters that fly between Supai and Hualapai Hilltop every Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. With this said, you need to time your arrival and stay at Havasu Falls in order to comfortably fly in and out of the Indian Reservation. Unlike the lodge and the campground, the helicopter service tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • There are packed mules and horses that you can rent out at 75USD one way.

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Thankfully for you, you do not need to get a quote individually from different lenders. There are insurance quotes comparison websites out there that you can use. You just need to enter one time the information relevant to your car and insurance quotes from different insurance companies will be pulled out for you.

There are websites out there that offer the information through a comparison table, which is really convenient. But how well do you know car insurance?

Well, one thing we know about auto insurance is that you cannot drive a car without it. But more important than this obvious fact is the fact that different insurance companies use different parameters when calculating the cost of insurance. While the make and model of a car are always taken into consideration, insurers also consider the experience of the driver. Newbie drivers will always have their insurance more expensive. However, it is possible to get something reasonably-priced.

Why Plan A Trip To Hike Up To Havasupai Falls?

Have you ever heard of the Supai Village? You most likely haven’t, and if you’re reading about this and wondering what you’re going to discover, then you’ve definitely not been there. It’s not a place where everyone has been. It’s part of the Grand Canyon, located in Arizona and the Havasupai people are the ones living in Supai Village. So what is special about this place that would make you want to plan a vacation to travel there?

For starters, you’ve got the Grand Canyon of course, but then the Havasupai Falls are the curtain call of your trip. Explore everything the Grand Canyon has to offer, but make sure you end up at the starting point for the long hike to Havasupai Falls. You’re going to need plenty of energy and stamina, as this will be your only adventure for the day. Make sure you start early, and you’re not just able to go there and start the trek.

You have to make a reservation ahead of time, and you better start planning early. You’ll get a tour of the falls, but it also appears that people can jump off into the waterfalls. This waterfall pours into what looks like a Caribbean Lagoon. It’s just a gem of a place to visit, and of course the surface looks like what you’d expect when you see the Grand Canyon. You’ve seen pictures, but I bet you haven’t seen pictures of Havasupai Falls until now.

Make sure you prepare to bring along what you need for this 8-10 mile hike, and that’s just one way! You have to get back when you’re done (but they have this havasupai lodge in case you want to stay), but you’re the type of person that enjoys a good long hike, right? You’re about to see a majestic waterfall, take a swim and explore the area, an area that is not at all seen by the majority of Grand Canyon visitors.