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Why Plan A Trip To Hike Up To Havasupai Falls?

Have you ever heard of the Supai Village? You most likely haven’t, and if you’re reading about this and wondering what you’re going to discover, then you’ve definitely not been there. It’s not a place where everyone has been. It’s part of the Grand Canyon, located in Arizona and the Havasupai people are the ones living in Supai Village. So what is special about this place that would make you want to plan a vacation to travel there?

For starters, you’ve got the Grand Canyon of course, but then the Havasupai Falls are the curtain call of your trip. Explore everything the Grand Canyon has to offer, but make sure you end up at the starting point for the long hike to Havasupai Falls. You’re going to need plenty of energy and stamina, as this will be your only adventure for the day. Make sure you start early, and you’re not just able to go there and start the trek.

You have to make a reservation ahead of time, and you better start planning early. You’ll get a tour of the falls, but it also appears that people can jump off into the waterfalls. This waterfall pours into what looks like a Caribbean Lagoon. It’s just a gem of a place to visit, and of course the surface looks like what you’d expect when you see the Grand Canyon. You’ve seen pictures, but I bet you haven’t seen pictures of Havasupai Falls until now.

Make sure you prepare to bring along what you need for this 8-10 mile hike, and that’s just one way! You have to get back when you’re done (but they have this havasupai lodge in case you want to stay), but you’re the type of person that enjoys a good long hike, right? You’re about to see a majestic waterfall, take a swim and explore the area, an area that is not at all seen by the majority of Grand Canyon visitors.